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Preemie Jacket
(for Under 1500gm baby)
(submitted by Denny Kelly)

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Cast on 89st
Do 3 rows of Garter St
Do 18 rows of pattern A (it is at the bottom of page 2 alright )
Knit one row
Purl one row
Divide for RIGHT front
K23st turn and Purl back
Do stocking St until work measures 5 inches from cast on edge. Then shape neck as follows.

Cast off 7 st
Knit 2TOG at beg of every row until 13 St remain
Stocking Stitch 6 rows cast off
Divide for back
Knit 43 St
Knit stocking St until work measures same to top cast off of front
Divide for LEFT front
Knit as for RIGHT front reversing shaping sleeves

Cast on 30 St
Knit 3 rows
Increase next and every 4th row until 43 st then knit 4 rows
cast off

Left front band
Pick-up 30 St evenly along left front edge
Knit 3 rows
Cast off

right front band
Do as left front band but add a button hole (wool froward knit 2 together) to 2nd row every 1 1/4 inches

neck band
Pick-up 56St along neck edge
knit 3 rows
cast off

pattern A

Multiples of 8 + 1

Right side k1 * yf, k2 sl1 k2tog psso k2 yf k1 rep * to end

k2 * yf k1 sl1 k2tog psso k1 yf k3 rep from * to last 7st yf k1 sl1 k2tog psso k1 yf k2

k3 * yf sl1 k2tog psso yf kt rep * to last 6st yf sl1 k2tog psso yf k3
purl (rep these y rows)

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