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Prevent Child Abuse
Washington County Mental Health

Delivery Date:
August 31st, 2000

We both wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that participated in this wonderful project for Vermont.  Thank you Judy for all the time and effort you and your daughter-in-law put in to deliver these items to the families in need at these two great places!  It's great to see what we can accomplish when we all pull together to help those in need.

God Bless, Linda & Terri

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Here's a slide show of the Vermont Delivery.
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It takes anywhere from two minutes up to five minutes depending on the speed of your modem.  But well worth the wait!

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Thank you everyone for donating all these wonderful items you see!  And a big thanks to you, Judy, for coordinating a wonderful delivery!!! 

To view each picture individually:

Vermont 1
Vermont 2
Vermont 3
Vermont 4
Vermont 5
Vermont 6
Vermont 7


List of Items Donated

70 - Afghans
25 - Pony Bead Kits
21 - Color/Activity books/Scribble pads & fun pads
20 - hats
16 - Sets of booties
14 - Hats & Mittens or Bootie Sets
11 - Crocheted Toys
11 - Stuffed Animals
10 - Handbags (for little girls)
7 - Sweaters
3 - Bibs
3 - Magnetic Photo Frames
2 - sketch pads & colored pencils
2 - Outfits
2 - Pr. Gloves
2 Bottles of Tacky glue
2 Scrunchies
1 - Jumper
1 - Dress
1 - Seven Link Rattle
1 - scarf
1 - Activity Kit
1 - Tic Tac Toe Game
1 - Shawl
1 - Hooded Cape
1 - Huge box of Craft Sticks
1 - Sewing Card
1 - Stationery Set
1 - Set of blocks
1 - Sun Catcher

All this plus a big box of gently used clothes and blankets!!!!!     



Special Delivery
from Judy 

"Hello Everyone,
I only just got my computer set up and had to write and tell you how thrilling it was making the delivery today.

"I had told Carol Bride that we would be donating aprox 30 afghans to their group and she was so happy!  She called me a few weeks ago to finalize the plan and I told her it would be more in the neighborhood of 50.  She was almost in tears. So, you know I had to add a few more!  The final count for Prevent Child Abuse, VT was 54 afghans!...

"We had spread 2 huge plastic bags (I hesitate to say garbage bags) out on the table and someone came in and ooooed and awed over what she saw.  As impressive as it was, it was only 2 of the 4 bags. 

"I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful my day was. Because you were willing to give of yourselves and your time and energy and talent 54 children will have something to call their own at a time when they have nothing, not even family. Thank you ALL so much!

Tired but happy, Judy


Thank You
for your Donations
from Prevent Child Abuse
& Wa. County Mental Health
in Vermont

This is Carol Bride and I am Executive Assistant for Prevent Child Abuse - Vermont.  I am so happy to establish contact with you!  My intent is to write and give you information on the distribution of the incredible quilts that you sent to us.  Our organization, Prevent Child Abuse Vermont, was overwhelmed by the generosity of your club, and the beauty of the quilts, each and every one.  It seemed meant to be that Judy and I would meet at our local Wal-Mart, and one thing led to another and here we are, the recipient of these very meaningful works of art.  Thank you so very much to everyone!  Each of our staff has a different reaction to each quilt. We took them out, one by one, and shared oohs and ahhs, and then could think of someone who would really love one.  And one story led to another, and so you have no idea how much joy and happiness that you have and will spread throughout Vermont.

Our main office for PCA-V is a non profit organization here in Montpelier; we have Regional Coordinators in each county, so that the entire state population is benefited by our programs.  We have a staff of 19.  We have been in existence for 24 years. Here is a list of our programs: 

Parents Together: Parents Together is a network of mutual self-help support groups for parents.  The groups provided an opportunity for parents to come together to give and receive support from one another regarding the experiences, challenges and triumphs they face when raising their children.  Groups meet weekly in communities throughout Vermont and childcare is provided.

Nurturing Parent, Child and Adolescent Programs: Nurturing Programs work with the whole family - parents and children - in separate groups with integrated curricula and in a shared family nurturing time.  All family members participate in the 2 hour fun and educational sessions that meet weekly for 9 to 23 weeks.  The Nurturing Programs have been proven effective in increasing family cohesion, empathy and self-esteem, and in decreasing family conflict.

Sexual Abuse Free Environment for Teens ProgramT (SAFE-T): The Sexual Abuse Free Environment for Teens Program (SAFE-T)  is a comprehensive violence prevention and health education program, providing victim and victimized prevention for middle school communities.  SAFE-T creates a partnership for schools, parents/guardians and community agencies to prevent sexual victimization and promote healthy relationships in early adolescents.

Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Training: The Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention trains parents, childcare workers, health care providers, and community groups about the dangers of shaking a baby and ways to comfort a crying infant safely.

Care for Kids: Care for Kids is an early childhood (3-6 years of age) sexuality and abuse prevention curriculum used by teachers and child care providers which promotes healthy sexual development in children.

Understanding and Responding to Sexual Behavior of Children (URSBC): Understanding Sexuality in Children and Adolescents trainings are tailored to the needs parents and professional caregivers.  The training describes the continuum of sexual behavior from healthy to unhealthy, teaches adults how to recognize the difference, how to answer children's questions, and how to intervene and redirect behavior in order to help prevent child to child sexual abuse.

Parents' Stress Line: The Parents' Stress Line, 1-800-CHILDREN (1-800-244-5373), is available to parents, professional and community members for parenting support resources, and referrals.  The Stress Line is available Monday - Friday, 9:00AM - 5:00PM.

The Vermont Parents' Home Companion and Resource Directory: The Vermont Parents' Home Companion and Resource Directory is a guide to child development (0-18 years of age), including "golden tips" about everyday problems with children and the directory of child and family serving organizations in Vermont.  We distribute 15,000 annually, and one goes to every new mother in Vermont; we are in our 11th year of printing. 

So you see, we have many opportunities to distribute these heart warming quilts to so many people.  I would like to share just a couple of stories:

One Regional Coordinator has distributed 10 quilts to COTS (Committee on Temporary Shelter) to people who are homeless right now and trying to get back on their feet.  These went to the children and they were thrilled with them. We gave one to a person who was devastated by the loss of her grandmother who had raised her, and she has it as a wall hanging - she found one that looks just like one she had as a child. We go into prisons to do family support programs - for the incarcerated and those on furlough - so that they can better their parenting skills. One man, who really has had a tough time, is now trying to turn his life around and is expecting his first baby.  When we gave him a quilt, he cried with joy and snuggled it. Several children who attend our Parents Together groups has been given their choice of selecting their blankets - it is amazing how many adults share stories and say that they never had a "blankie" and so we invite them to take one if they want. Our Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Coordinator will be bringing them to workshops for all ages of children. And one terrific outcome - a lady here in Barre called to tell me that she would like to donate 30 more quilts.  She has been making them for years for children with cancer.  I went to her home last night and picked them up - they are great!  And she wants to continue to give them to us.

...I know this message is very long, but I so wanted to share all of this with you, and to once again, express our heartfelt gratitude for your Gifts from the Heart

...blessings to you all!


Prevent Child Abuse - Vermont
PO Box
Montpelier,  VT  05601-0829
1-800-CHILDREN (1-800-244-5373)

"Thank you so much for the donation of the crafts.  All are so beautiful.  The CUPS staff is so thrilled to be able to give our families warm blankets,  cute hats, sweaters, mittens, booties...etc.  We also are so excited with  all of the craft material and the opportunity to share this with children  and families in Washington County.  ...THANK YOU AGAIN. 
Maria and Alice.



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