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Mayo Regional Hospital
Dover, Maine

Delivery Date:
October 29th, 2001

We both wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that participated in this wonderful project for Maine.  Thank you Katrina for all the time and effort you put in to delivering these items to the families in need!  

God Bless, Linda & Terri

The Delivery

Thank you everyone for donating all these wonderful items you see!  And a big thanks to you, Katrina, for coordinating this delivery!!! 


Letter from Katrina

"I made the delivery on October 29th to Mayo Regional Hospital and it was great fun! The contact lady, Deb Stroud, was so nice and helpful. She showed me around the hospital a little and also contacted the Marketing Executive of the hospital, Tom Lizotte, for me. He took a picture of Deb and I and sent it to me with a note and the hospital newsletter in which there was a really great write up!!!  There were 7 big boxes full of items from preemie and newborn items, to dolls and books!!! Everything was so precious!!! They don't do a lot of high risk deliveries (if they can help it anyway) at Mayo, and I know that most of you requested that the items be used to help the tiny ones grow big and strong so Deb agreed with me that the items would more than likely be used for that. Of course, there are tragedies unfortunately sometimes and she knows to use the items for that too. Thanks so much to everyone for all of your donations!!! I'd say we totaled easily over 300 items!!! Everyone's items were great!!! Love to you all!!" - Katrina



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