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Lake City Veteran's Hospital
& Nursing Home
Lake City, Florida

Delivery Date:
December, 2001

We both wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that participated in this wonderful project for Florida!  Thank you so much Debi and Pat for all your hard work to make this a success!

God Bless, Linda & Terri

The Delivery

Frannie, Pat, Anna and Debi with items delivered
Thank you everyone for donating all these wonderful items you see!  And a big thanks to you, Debi & Pat, for coordinating this delivery!!! 


The Delivery

I really wish you all could have been with Debi and I as we delivered your beautiful and much needed items to the Veteran’s Hospital in Lake City. You would all have been amazed at how clean the nursing home was, the size of the place and the loving care these men are receiving from some of the volunteers. 

We took the following items:
25 Lap robes, 5 Shawls, 4 Scarves, 46 Hats, 45 Slippers, 30 Caddies, 80 Placemats, 130 Ditty Bags (pencil/pen, paper, comb, toothbrush);
We also received 120 squares and a lot of those were made into a couple of lapghans and some wheelchair caddies. We are in the process now of making more caddies with them, as they are very much needed down there.

Anne, a volunteer, and Frannie, a recreational therapist, greeted us upon our arrival. They brought out 3 carts, 1 with 3 shelves and the other 2 with 2 shelves, for us to put everything on. As we were loading the carts, their mouths kept dropping open wider and wider.

We didn’t get to visit with the patients as they were getting ready for a concert that afternoon. We also didn’t want to interfere with their schedule and it was getting close to lunch time.

The men are constantly wanting items such as wheel chair caddies (the small ones) and hats. If the volunteers run out of items, they pester the volunteers every day (sometimes 2 and 3 times a day) until a shipment arrives so that they can get their little corner of independence. Most of the men don’t care what color it is. The men also prefer the crocheted items rather than a sewn one – even in the hot months.

Each new patient receives a “ditty” bag of toothpaste and toothbrush and whatever they may have available when then they arrive at the nursing home. They also receive, if possible, lapghans. Sometimes the volunteers have to actually go out and get these things out of their own pockets so the patients can have something to know they’re cared about.

We left the soaps from Judy with the volunteers to give out as they thought appropriate as well as the razors and approximately 6 tins and 1 bag of Christmas Cookies. We also printed up – in color – a little card telling the patients we wished them a happy holiday and thanking them for their service to our country. Then it was signed from ATCT (Around the Crochet Table) with members all over the USA. Frannie and Anne promised that each patient would receive a card so they’d know where their items came from.

Some of you sent pretty decorative stockings and table cloths. These will be used for decorations as well as the ornaments that Bev’s scout troops made. That’s the one thing I did notice, there wasn’t much in decorations. The 80 placemats, handmade and store bought, will be used in the dining room and the volunteers thought the men would really enjoy having some decoration in there also.

Neither Debi nor I can thank you enough for everything you’ve done during this drive. You’ve exceeded any of my expectations and the beauty and creativity of your crochet puts me to shame. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God will reward you for your gifts.

~ Debi & Pat



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