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Cooper Hospital
& Ronald McDonald House

Delivery Date:
Good Friday - April 21st, 2000

We both wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that participated in this wonderful project for New Jersey.  Thank you Joan for your time and efforts to deliver these items to the families in need at these two great places!  It really warms our hearts to see how giving our group is and how much love and happiness we give to others.

God Bless, Linda & Terri

Slide Show

Here's a slide show of the Cooper Hospital & Ronald McDonald House delivery.
Please allow time for this to load.
It takes anywhere from two minutes up to five minutes depending on the speed of your modem.  But well worth the wait!

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"Thanks again for all of your help with this delivery and for adding it to ATCT. I think this is what helped collect so many items."
-- Joan

And a big thanks to you, Joan, for coordinating a wonderful delivery!!! 

These are also presented below, but you can click these links to jump to them, or scroll down.

Letter from Joan
Letter from Cooper Hospital
Letter from Ronald McDonald House


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Ronald McDonald House 1
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To learn more about Cooper Hospital and Ronald McDonald House in New Jersey, click on these links to their homepages:

Children's Regional Hospital @ Cooper

Ronald McDonald House in New Jersey



List of Items Donated

49 crocheted/knitted preemie-newborn afghans
11 afghan, hat and bootie sets
6 crocheted/knitted sweater sets
33 newborn hats
48 preemie hats
22 toddler hats
56 pairs of booties
17 preemie size hat & bootie sets
2 toddler sweaters
1 romper set
1 fleece sleeper
3 pair of beaded socks
21 flannel receiving blankets
9 layette outfits with blanket, gown, hat and booties
5 crib size quilts hand sewn
9 afghans various sizes
18 crocheted potholders
24 dish towels
2 remote control holders
8 wash cloths
8 hair scrunchies
22 crocheted coasters
1 plastic bag holder
18 hand sewn fabric place mats
6 bars of homemade soap/ a bunch of hotel size soaps
10 hot pads
10 dish cloths
5 cedar filled sachets
3 crocheted little girls purses
1 crocheted scarf
3 shower caps
1 box of raspberry tea
3 candles
1 wire whisk
1 set measuring spoons
5 dozen plastic Easter eggs
16 Easter Eggs with crocheted chicks inside
93 coloring/activity books
26 boxes of crayons
2 deluxe art sets with markers, paints, crayons, pencils
5 small teddy bears
6 small dolls
106 stuffed animals of all sorts....handmade and store bought.
Lots of bunnies and chicks
1 butterfly shaped tin can
Lots and lots of Love that went into each and every item.



The Delivery Day
from Joan 

Hello Everyone,
I must tell you today was one of the most exciting days of my life. The delivery to Cooper was more than fantastic. I wish each and everyone of you could have been there. I'll try and give you a step by step through the day. Grab a cup of coffee and relax....... 
At 10:00am this morning one of the local TV reporters called to tell me they received a fax about the delivery and they wanted to cover the story. I was shocked. Well let me tell you when we arrived at the hospital at 11:45 there were two TV stations and a bunch of reporters that came out and started taking photos and asking questions. They rushed all of us, me, my Mom, daughter, sister and Ethel who is a nurse there and the SIL of my sister's boyfriend, Bob and another fireman in the hospital and up to the pediatrics playroom. They had a bunch of the little kids in there and they filmed them receiving some of the items. They interviewed me an asked about the groups and how I became a member. They asked if I could tell them a little about where the items came from and about how many people made these items. Let me tell you everyone was shocked over the amount of things that we delivered. Bob did take some pictures but it was very hard with the TV cameras every where. They wouldn't let you use the flash because it did something to their shooting of the film. There was about 25 people in this group as we went from place to place in the hospital. We got to go to Peds, Mother and Child Unit which is where the babies are roomed in with their Mom, Nursery, NICU but we could not take any photos here, PICU (pediatric ICU) no photos. I got to meet so many wonderful staff members here and everyone of them were so grateful it really made me feel wonderful. I must tell you I got lots of "hugs" today and I want you to know I am sharing them with each and everyone of you that helped with this delivery. This process took until 3:00 and I must say everyone involved was tired. I think every item must have been handled at least 5 times by so many people. We did go into some of the rooms on the Mother and Child Unit and hand out blankets, hats and booties. The stuffed animals were a big hit with all. We then all got back into the car and drove over to RMcDH to make the second delivery. This was also a great delivery. Of course it was much more low keyed, no TV reporters just us. At that point I was glad. The people here were very nice and took us on a tour of the House and explained all about how it works. There is a virtual website address that I will be sending if anyone is interested in checking it out. I couldn't believe how beautiful this place was decorated inside. We spent about one hour here and then it was time to leave. Even though the weather here was horrible today, rain and thunderstorms some how it didn't put a damper on the delivery. Bob tried to send the digital photos before he had to go to duty crew tonight at the firehouse and we got a return saying they couldn't send that big of an attachment through. I'll have him resend them tomorrow. I also have a roll of film to put in to be developed, that has photos of all the items before they were boxed up. I will get the total count list typed up and sent out real soon, I'm to tired to do it tonight. I just wanted to let you all know how wonderful today was. "We" will be on the 5:00pm Channel 6 News and the 10:00pm Channel 17 News out of Philadelphia. I'll be recording this so if it looks good maybe we can pass the tape around for all to see. Thank you once again for making this another successful delivery. You gals are the greatest!!!! 
Hugs to All, very tired but happy co-ordinator :)


Thank You
for your Donations
from Cooper Hospital
& Ronald McDonald House
in New Jersey

April 25, 2000

Dear TkroCrafts@Kaleidesigns,

Thank you and your group "Around the Crochet Table Group" so much for taking the time to knit us and sew for us the Hats, Booties, toys and blankets for our babies.  Your generosity has really brightened our family's faces.  When we are able to hand them a beautiful handmade gift for their ill infant or their infant who has recently passed away it makes them realize how much so many people care about their stressful times.  I just want to let you know how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Emma Brandon

Emma Brandon, RNC, BSN
Clinical Manager Newborn Services

Dear Friends;


On behalf of the many families who will benefit from your generous donation of time, craftsmanship, and love, I would like to extend a most heartfelt thank you to your group for the exquisite crafts delivered this week to the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey by the Cinnaminson Fire Department and Joan Barry.

The beautiful hand-crafted items were a big hit with the families staying here at the House.  In particular, the mini chicks in the eggs were much loved by 2 young sisters who found themselves at the House for the Easter Holiday while their brother was receiving treatment at the hospital.  There were so many lovely items, we were overwhelmed.
The day was dismal, but you brought some  sunshine to the families at the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey.  We certainly appreciate your efforts!
Normally I would extend an invitation to tour the facility, but since this is a unique situation where people from far and wide have participated via the internet and its vast reach, I will invite you to take our "virtual tour".  You can visit the Ronald McDonald House of SNJ by pointing your web browser to  The click on virtual tour and you will be able to take a tour of the House.
Thank you for thinking of the Ronald House families.  It is so important to provide a home-like, warm and welcoming environment to these families during the most stressful time in their lives.  Your generosity has allowed us to make many children and parents smile.  Again, thank you for helping us help the kids.  We wish you a safe and healthy summer.  
Nicole L. DeFeo
Marketing &  Event Coordinator



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