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For Becky

Put together by: Sally Prodoti
March 2002

4/7/02 - From Darlene: 

I gave Becky her hug-ghan tonight.  It made her cry, but it also gave her some comfort I believe. 


For Heidi

Put together by: Sally Prodoti
March 2002

3/29/02 - From Tricia:
I took Heidi's loveghan to her today.  She was really touched!  Her and Ange thought it was beautiful and they were both very very touched. 
They both thank you all so very much for the prayers.

4/6/02 - From Heidi:
Hi To Trisha's Crochet Buddies,

    Thank you so much for the beautiful gift you all put together for me. I was just overwhelmed by it. For you to take time out of your busy schedules to do this for a total stranger is just such a wonderful gesture.
    I also want to thank you for your prayers. I know they are working. God is working and it is because of people like you who care enough to pray for someone you don't even know. I am truly touched.
    Just to give you a little update on how I am feeling -- Trisha brought me the afghan on Good Friday and I was just getting ready to go to Pittsburgh to get a port put in so that they can access it for chemo and blood work instead of my veins. Everything went smooth and I felt good enough by Sunday to go to church. I'm feeling better daily.
    Once again I say thank you so much for your caring and generous gift to me. I will cherish it always.
    I also want you to know that I pray for all of you too, I may not know you but God does and I pray for His blessings for you and your families.
    Love, Heidi Giavedoni


For Alice

Put together by: Laurie Clark
December 2001


For Debbie

Put together by: Terri Kroupa
June 2001


6/18/01 From Debbie: Ladies, I am just a mess LOL.  Thank you all so much for the beautiful afghan!!!!  You guys did surprise me, see Terri is my doily partner and when this big box came I thought, "Now what has Terri gone and done!" LOL  I feel so blessed to have you all in my life.  I can feel the hugs!!  And you all have been to my house!  Our carpet is med. blue.  Our room is rose carpet, drapes, a rose comforter.  My afghan looks wonderful.  I just can't believe this :)  I am crying and smiling.  These hugs feel sooooo good.  I will be sure and give Mom extra ones from you!!!  Thank you Linda for the soap saver, cd coaster, tea and wonderful card.  Thank you Jo for the beautiful friendship book.  There was also tea, a precious angel magnet, pencil, flower seeds, yellow bookmark, and coaster And there was a bag of candy!!!!
Stacey sent the cutest card with an Ozzie dog (lab) puppy on it chewing a shoe LOL  Ozzie has one in Matt's room that is his to chew on. You all have made a hard time in my life allot easier and I love you for it.




For Dawn

Put together by: Dorothy Roller
June 2001


For Sally

Put together by: Terri Kroupa
February 2001

This afghan was made for Sally in loving memory of her daughter-in-law, Diane.  We love you, Sally and hope that each of these squares that were crafting in love will bring you comfort and joy and know that many hugs & prayers are sent your way!  We didn't have the privilege of knowing Diane personally, but her legacy will live on through you and those that loved her. Thanks also to everyone that participated in helping to make squares for this beautiful afghan!  - Terri (TKroCrafts)



For Yvonne

Put together by: Linda Lanning
October 2000



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