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Clinton County Nursing Home
Plattsburg, NY

Delivery Date:
November 27th, 2000

We both wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that participated in this wonderful project for the Clinton County Nursing Home in Plattsburg, NY.  Thank you Marie, Doris and Laurie for your time and efforts to deliver these items to those in need!  It really warms our hearts to see how giving our group is and how much love and happiness we give to others.

God Bless, Linda & Terri

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The Delivery Day
from Marie 

Hi all!

At 10am eastern time this morning Laurie, my friend Martha and I delivered all the goodies to the Clinton County nursing home.  We met the director, Mr. Ruede.  He had us go to the dining room where we set up ALL the items on tables. Laurie was able to get lots of pictures for us!!  There were some residents there and we gave lots of afghans and lap throws away.  The county fair afghan went to a wonderful lady.  I brought it to her and I said, "would you like to have this one?"  She looked at it and smiled and replied, "oh yes!"  There was  a resident there named Edith and she saw a lap throw that was done in pale colors (green) and she put her hand on it and declared... "I want this one", so she got it! She was very happy and was showing it off to everyone when we were leaving.   

Mr. Ruede was telling us that so many residents there have  no family at all.    He said these things were much needed and he is making a list up to give the remaining items as Christmas gifts to those who would not normally get anything.  You all should be proud for what we have done and give yourselves a much deserved pat on the back!!!  Mr. Ruede was quite impressed with everything and just so happy to have received them. He especially liked the wheelchair/walker totes.  He said that some residents have an alarm attached to them so if they try to get out of the chairs it goes off.  He said they have no place to put the alarm and that the totes would be perfect to fit the alarm in and attach it to the chair or the persons belt!  I told him I would work on making more to give to them.  We gave him 9 today.  

Mr. Ruede said he will be sending us a thank you note through me and as soon as I get it I will post it for you all to read. 

Thanks again for all of your help!

Hugs,  Marie/cupy

Below is a link to our local news paper who did an article on our Clinton County Nursing Home Project!  Check it out!!

The internet helps artists stay hooked to crafts


Thank You
for your Donations
from Clinton County Nursing Home

November 27, 2000

Dear Marie Montroy & the Ladies of the Around the Crochet Table

On behalf of the residents and staff of the Clinton County Nursing Home, I would like to thank you and the ladies of the “Around the Crochet Table” for the eighty four (84) beautiful handcrafted afghans, lap robes, slippers, hats, gloves, scarves, and shawls that you presented to the residents today.  It was wonderful seeing the beautiful smiles on the residents’ faces when they selected and received your gifts.  We will also be distributing these items in our Resident Christmas celebration in December.   

We all enjoyed the wonderful variety of colors and patterns in the afghans and lap robes that you presented. The residents also enjoyed selecting the afghan or lap robe that they would like to have.

It is truly wonderful to have such a diverse and dedicated group of craft ladies from all over the US and Canada bringing so much extra special holiday joy to the lives of our residents.  Many residents do not have any family members and your gifts will be extra special this year.

 Thank you again for all of the hours spent making these beautiful gifts for our residents and donating them to our nursing home.  Our warmest thanks and appreciation to the Ladies of the Around the Crochet Table from around the nation.   Have a wonderful Christmas and joyous New Year.  God Bless!

Brian Ruede, Administrator
Laura Robinson,
Activities Director


Country Fair Square Contest Afghan 

  In August 2000, ATCT sponsored a Country Fair Square Contest.  Alice M. (Cimaronna) was our winner!  Alice received all the squares entered in the contest as her prize!  Alice just finished putting her afghan together and graciously donated it to our Clinton County Nursing Home community project.  Thank you so much Alice!  The afghan turned out beautiful and we know that someone will cherish this wonderful afghan for many years to come!

(Thank you Laurie for taking this picture for us!)



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